Blue Bottle Bin 185L


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Serving bottles at your next event or special occasion? This bottle skip is perfect if you are taking them to be recycling.


Serving bottles at your next event or special occasion? This Bottle Recycling Bin is perfect if you need somewhere to keep the empties before taking them to the recycling. This Bottle Recycling Bin is waterproof, and has castor wheels to ensure convenient movement. Bottle Bin features a simple design and enabling full internal carrying capacity to be used. There straight sides allow easy measurement of contents. It is leak proof and stackable. The optional lid which is available in the bottle bin helps seal the content and keep them from becoming contaminated with the other materials. It is leak proof and stackable. They have completely smooth interior for easy cleaning.

These extremely durable bottle skips are ideal for use in hotels and bars, where space is at a premium. Keep them behind the bar where the open top makes it easy to deposit waste and then simply wheel them out to the main bins once they’re full. They are also handy for use in factories and warehouses. The polyethylene construction makes the trucks suitable for use in food handling areas and the smooth insides mean they are easy to clean. The bins are completely watertight to prevent liquids left in bottles from spilling out and causing a slip hazard.

These Bottle Bins are perfect for bars, pubs, guest houses, factory, office, restaurant, parties, event etc. If you are looking for a practical and mobile storage solution for your bar, restaurant, factory, office or workshop then you should take a look at this bottle bin.

Bottle Bin is the waste bottle carrier. This bottle Bin is waterproof even it has wheels on it too. So, the movement of that bin is also easy. Even it can be used as waste food carrier in restaurants. It is easy to clean because of smooth body from inside.

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