Dart Board Set


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Darts remains one of the most popular of all pub games.


Here you can bring the magic of the darts hall to your next Team Building event with our Dartboards. Stylish looking, our mobile Dart Board Set Hire is self supporting. The dartboards themselves are tournament standard, and in addition come with a rubber oche mat.

Above all for Health & Safety reasons, the Dart Board Set Hire should always be put infront of a backstop. This could be cork, soft wood planks, or covered cardboard. We do not provide a backstop ourselves. In conclusion, whilst the Dart Board is under a rental agreement with our clients, Utopia Bars is not liable for any damage or injuries.

  • Always secure a backstop.
  • Never set up the dartboard infront of a door.
  • Never point, or throw a dart at anyone.
  • Don’t stand near a dartboard when someone is throwing. A dart might rebound and hit you.
  • Don’t walk in front of a dartboard when people are playing.
  • Make sure the dartboard is set up well away from any busy areas, or anywhere people might be passing.
  • If watching or playing always stand behind the player.
  • Make sure that there is nothing breakable in the surrounding area. Darts have a habit of rebounding at some strange angles.


Please note: Delivery and collection costs calculated after checkout.

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