Giant Outdoor Chess Hire


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You don’t need to be a Grand Champion to play the Giant Chess in a giant format!


You’ll feel like Harry Potter competing on the giant board with our Giant Outdoor Chess Hire! But don’t worry, the stakes aren’t as high this time as you move the huge piece around the board.
The objective is simple: move your pieces around the board until you put your opponent’s king into an inescapable position: checkmate! All the pieces have different moves available to them, with the pawn having the least amount of movement and the queen having the least, but you’ll need them all to attack and defend your way to victory.
The Giant Outdoor Chess Hire comes with a huge mat measuring 3m x 3m. So there’s plenty of room to get amongst the pieces as you play, it’s like you’re part of the game! The pieces are made of plastic, which makes extremely durable and lightweight as you move them around the board.


Please note: Delivery and collection costs calculated after checkout.

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