Heart Wooden Doughnut Wall Stand x 48


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Watch your guests faces light up when they see this 48 x doughnut wall! Will help avoid sticky situations!


Amaze your guests with this Heart Wooden Doughnut Wall, holding up to 48 Doughnuts. It is undoubtedly a super cute idea for your perfect day. Make your very own unique treat corner that your family, friends and little ones will adore. A finishing touch to an unforgettable day.
It is certainly a great wedding cake alternative or a fun way to give your dessert table the wow factor. The HeartWooden Doughnut Wall must lean against a wall to ensure 100% stability for your donuts!

While everyone knows that we do an amazing FREE Mobile Cash Bar Hire, there is another service that we offer. Low and behold, the doughnut wall hire. These are becoming increasingly popular as they look incredible and taste just as good! Just don’t tell Homer Simpson!

If you have never heard of a doughnut wall or donut wall then don’t worry, it really is exactly what it sounds like. And how amazing does it sound – a wall of doughnuts! Is there anything better than this? No, not really.

There are several different doughnut walls available. All can be restocked as and when the doughnuts get eaten, all you need to do is replenish the wall as guests eat them up. They all create a stunning backdrop for photos even after the doughnuts get eaten.

When you put donuts on these Heart Wooden Doughnut Wall Stand, your guests will more enjoy country wedding, birthday, graduation party, baby, festivals or bridal shower event. These holders can use for many different gatherings.

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Please note: Delivery and collection costs calculated after checkout.

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Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm

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