Non-Slip Round Rubber Tray


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If you’re running a bar at your next event or special occasion then you should consider this non slip tray to help prevent spillages.


Unfortunately, not everyone has the same dexterity of a skilled bartender when carrying drinks. If you’re running a bar at your next event, then you should consider this Round Rubber Serving Tray tray to help prevent spillages. These black trays are made from high quality plastic and fibreglass, offering an excellent anti-slip surface. Easy to clean and almost unbreakable, these trays are the ideal serving trays for use in any hospitality environment.

Round rubber tray is made up of plastic and high quality fibre. It is best for the serving purpose specially if you have restaurant or bar then it’s best for you. Those tray are easy to carry and clean. The surface of that tray is not slippery that’s why ideal for carrying glass.

Our round anti slip tray is the ideal tray for busy bar areas at your event.  During a busy service, metal trays can get liquid on them and so can be a little precarious when carrying glasses and bottles from the bar to the event tables.  This tray has a black rubber style surface so that if it gets wet, glass won’t slip around the tray.

Round anti slip tray hire for busy bar events

This Round Rubber Serving Tray is available to hire in large quantities. Making it ideal for large venue Christmas parties, where large volumes of service people need to carry drinks to tables in large quantities. Wedding bars and other mobile bar events will also benefit from these. Always try to provide your bartenders with everything they need in order to carry out a fast and efficient service!

The Round Rubber Serving Tray is only for cold drinks though and not suitable for hot ones.

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