San Miguel Keg Hire 11 Gallons (88 Pint) Barrel


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This barrell of San Miguel Keg For Hire is a unique light and crisp lager. With tastes of sweet malt, medium bodied with light carbonation.

A unique amazing lager for any malty brew fan who wants a Keg For Hire.

Did you know if you order a FREE Mobile Cash Bar Hire, you can upgrade and have Draught Lager on top for only £55!

The San Miguel brewery was originally formed on 29th September 1890 as “La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel”. This was after the founder, Don Enrique M Barreto applying for a royal grant from Spain to officially permit the brewing of beer the San Miguel Brewery. Which now holds over 95% of the market share in the Philippines (as of 2008).

Originally focusing on two areas of production ice and beer, the company quickly grew to prominence. Then within a couple of decades, the company held an 88% share of the industries in the Philippines.

Having become such a popular brand not only in the Philippines but in the U.K. it is inevitable that demand for a San Miguel Keg Hire service has risen in recent times.

San Miguel Keg is the wine carrier that can be managed easily. It is so comfortable for usage that you can place it directly to the refrigerator. It is good carrier for a large amount of wine. It is specially for the place where large amount of wine or beer are needed like bars, restaurants, pub, and so on. San Miguel Keg is of steel body that’s why it’s breakage chances are less and durability is high.

It s a pale blonde Spanish pilsner style lager, with a hoppy, citrus aroma, and hoppy zesty fruity flavours with a full flavoured hoppy lingering finish. San Miguel is well suited to tapas style food, cured meats, hams and cheeses.  They can remain unopened for up to 5 days and once opened we recommend they are consumed within 24 – 48 hours.

Please note; this is the price per keg and does not include the draught and tap system.

Please note: Delivery and collection costs calculated after checkout.

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